Previous works


Paying tribute to the musicals of the 50s and more particularly to Singing in the rain, it is within this atmosphere that the show Bailando sobre la lluvia takes place. The dance, the song and the flamenco guitar are developed then in perfect harmony within this new universe, demonstrating by there the universality of the flamenco and its capacity, while remaining faithful to itself, to be applied to different universes without losing its roots and without distorting the context in which it is applied.

Rested also by audiovisual winks, of texts’ extracts and sounds, the show is presented as a flamenco artist walk through the atmosphere of Singing in the rain. By its capacity of universality and expression in an environment different from its natural, the flamenco stands out more intense and deeper, emphasized by the contrasts at first sight, but especially by the similarities which result from the juxtaposition of these two universes.



The show Flamenco Circular is the first creation of the Company Flamenca Manolo Punto under the choreographic direction of the dancer Manolo Punto.

The concept of the show Flamenco Circular is the use of a particular theme and its development following various scenes, every scene being independent from the others but all of them describing a particular aspect of the chosen main theme. The common theme chosen for this show is the one of the circle and every scene of the show has for aim to present some of the relative notions of the idea of circle.

Manolo Punto Flamenco circular