Century Service Vehicle Service Agreement Reviews

They didn`t want to pay anything. Then they just wanted to pay a part of it. I called and said the contract covered everything. They said, “According to their statements, they do not have to pay.” They also said they didn`t have a specific contract that I had signed, so I had to fax my contract. My mechanic asked me to take my vehicle to another store because they were tired of dealing with “those idiots from the warranty company.” I told my workshop that I would talk to the warranty company. I called the Century service, and they said, “Tell your repairman to repress you and stop being a baby.” I said, “Of course, as long as you tell everyone to stop being a man.” Four weeks later, my car is repaired. I think that is the case. Yes, everything is recorded and I am considering a trial. This is my first review I wrote and probably my last, but I just wanted to warn everyone who buys from this company. In July 2018, I sold my car and paid Toyota in 2017 and I had my request to terminate my service contract at the Toyota dealership on 07/12/2018. I also send all Toyota Finance financial shares to Century Service Corp (5 times). I called to talk to them five times. And they told me it would take about 4-6 weeks to work on my termination.

But since July until now, I haven`t received any response or feedback from Century Automotive Service Corporation. I think they don`t want to pay me back. The employees were also very rude. He hanged me three times during the discussion. 2017 Toyota Camry wine # **. “I`m glad I bought this warranty! It was the best plan for $4,766.00. I made money from the amount of expensive repairs. My vehicle has air suspension, and there was a $1000 repair x the 4 corners of the vehicle. And I had a rear engine oil leak that exceeded $2000! They covered all the repairs! Horrible, terrible, customer service!!! I have a contract that costs $2500 with century service….