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Manolo Punto spectacle flamenco 3x2 uno


As inheritance of people and culture, the flamenco possesses inside all the sufferings and the enjoyments of the human being. By its various rhythms, its singings and its intonations, it offers then a fabulous way to express the human feelings. Although very codified and heir of a specific culture, the gypsy and Andalusian culture, it have become nevertheless, thanks to its diversity, a powerful universal language allowing to express a wide range of feelings. Melancholy, purity, depth, sadness, but also enjoyment, humor, naughtiness, love, give to flamenco a wealth of vocabulary which can be applied to domains wider than those where culturally and historically it has developed itself.
It is on this idea of flamenco, as vocabulary, language universal, subject to develop other themes that leans the work of the company during its creations. The main thread of the creations is to use the flamenco as language of expression by applying it to new horizons, by confronting it with atmospheres different from those where it comes from but at the same time keeping the foundations and concepts of the dance, the music and the singing of flamenco.

It is this notion of flamenco as applicable vocabulary in any situation which is the base of the work of creation in the company. All the creations remain in essence flamenco shows but by the opening which the creations bring to him, the flamenco in even more intense. It is this confrontation in totally different situations which allow to show the strength and the flexibility of the flamenco to stand out as universal language of expression.



First of all, the company develops the creation and the distribution of flamenco shows. The called “creation shows” (shows Flamenco circular, Bailando sobre la lluvia, Flamenco al desnudo, 3×2 uno) follow the concept of using flamenco as a vocabulary of expression applicable to various universes. These shows are going beyond the traditional flamenco and present an originality and an open-mindedness which was recognized by the public and the press.

Besides these “creation” shows, the company produces more traditional flamenco shows (show Cuadro Flamenco) which follow the classic line of the Andalusian tablaos and present all the strength and the passion of the flamenco in the respect of the traditions.

The company also works in the elaboration of various flamenco shows for events and private shows. With a choice of important artists who work with the company, we are able to propose various kinds of animation for the event sector within the demand and the wish of our customers.

Moreover this work of preparation and distribution of shows, the company also develops a choreographic and educational work. Flamenco classes and workshops by Manolo Punto are organized in France and abroad to share his experience with other professionals and flamenco students.



Besides Manolo Punto, choreographer and main dancer of the company, numerous renowned artists of the flamenco but also from other horizons are working with the company on the various shows as well as on event projects. Excellent artists, they all bring by their presence and their talent a high quality to the projects of the company. The company was able to count during these various projects and shows on the presence of the following artists:

Dancers: Aurelia Vidal, Diana Regaño, Alejandra Gonzalez, Lorie la Armenia, Fanny Ara, Natalia Garcia Huidobro, Natalia Meriño, Carlos Ruiz, Karine Gonzalez, Carmen Iniesta, Nati James, Rocio Vadillo, Beatriz Santiago, Helena Cueto, Mathilde Anton, Manuel Reyes, Sabrina Romero, Elisa la Chispa, Lea Llinares, Eva Manzano, Caroline Pastor, Lucile Menon …

Singers: Alberto Garcia, David Vazquez, Roberto Lorente, Blas Deleria, Melchior Campos, Cristo Cortés, Jesus de la Manuela, Emilio Cortés , Jose Cortés, Nino Garcia, Juan Carlos Principal, Catalina Gimenez, Cécile Evrot, Juan Manuel Junquerita, Dimitri Da Cruz, Sabrina Romero …

Guitarists: Enrique Muriel, Javier Cerezo, Daniel Manzanas, Gonzalo Almaraz, Manuel Gomez, Manuel Delgado, Dani Barba, Cristobal Corbel, Cédric Diot …

Percussionist: Cédric Diot, Sabrina Romero. Viola di gamba: Lucas Peres. Double bass player: Stephen Bedrossian