Classes / Workshops


Classes take place every saturday and will begin on saturday september 14th, 2019.

Every class has a first part dedicated to the technique work (body, arms, feet) and a second part dedicated to choreography.


1 hour 20 for Beginner 2, Intermediary and Advanced levels.
1 hour for Initiation (Beginner 1) level


from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM: Initiation (Beginner 1)
from 3:30 PM to 4:50 PM: Beginner 2
from 4:50 PM to 6:10 PM: Intermediary
from 6:10 PM to 7:30 PM: Advanced


Free first trying class !!!
Trimester price: 180 € for the 1 hour 20 classes. 140 € for the 1 hour classes.

During the first trimester, for the people entering the class during the trimestre and not at the beginning (for example in october instead of september), the price of the trimester will be reduced.

First trimester: from saturday september 14th, 2019 to samedi december 21st, 2019
Second trimester: from saturday january 11th, 2020 to saturday march 28th, 2020
Third trimester: from saturday april 4th, 2020 to saturday june 20th, 2020.


Studio PARIS MAMBO, 48 rue de la gare de Reuilly, Paris 12ème (M: Bel-Air ou Daumensil)


E-mail: ou par tel: 0681971280

The workshops generally consist of a first part based on a work of technique (feet, arms, movements) then of a second part of choreographic assembly aiming at building a whole dance (according to the allotted time) so that the participants have the possibility to have a structured dance and to use it on stage.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive information on the flamenco workshops with Manolo Punto or if you are interested to bring Manolo Punto to your city for a flamenco workshop.
Manolo Punto has given workshops in several french cities as well as inin the United States, in Mexico, in Canada, in Greece, in Italy, in Tunisia, in Austria, in Bulgaria etc.