Cuadro flamenco


The show Cuadro Flamenco is a traditional flamenco show in the spirit and the respect for the Andalusian tablaos. The show puts forward the components of the flamenco in its pure state. Without any story in particular, the show is developed through various scenes where each of the actors of the flamenco (singing, guitar, dance) expresses itself with depth and feeling.
Full of intensity, Cuadro Flamenco makes the audience travel through various horizons of the flamenco and all the artists of the show gathered around the dancer Manolo Punto demostrate with passion the pure and authentic emotion of the flamenco.


The number of artists necessary for the representation can vary according to the needs and the conditions. At least four artists (two dancers, singer, guitarist) with possibility of configuration up to ten artists (several dancers, singers, guitarists, percussionist, double bass, etc.).

Duration: from 1 to 1:45 hours with or without break.

The show Cuadro Flamenco had been performed in several theaters such as the Evry theater, the festival U Settembrinu (Corse), the
rencontres ibériques (Seclin), the festival Voix d’ici Voix d’ailleurs (Tours), the Gérard Philippe theatrer (Sainte Geneviève des Bois), the promenades musicales en pays d’Auge etc.