Manolo Punto

Manolo Punto
Flamenco dancer, Manolo Punto was formed in Madrid at the Flamenco Art academy Amor de Dios’s academy with teachers such as La China, Antonio Reyes, Manuel Reyes, Adrian Galia, Manuel Liñan, Domingo Ortega, Alejandro Granados, Marcos Flores, David Paniagua, Javier Latorre etc

He danced in various important places in France as a solist dancer such as the theater Dejazet, the theater des Déchargeurs, the Café de la Danse, Planet Andalucia, the festival of Art Flamenco of Mont de Marsan, the theater of Ménilmontant, the theater de la Reine Blanche, the U Settembrinu festival in Corsica, the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Paris as well as in Spain in different tablaos important of Madrid (Las Carboneras, Al Andalus, El Juglar, Garrocha)

He is at the head of his own company, the company Flamenca Manolo Punto and surrounds himself with excellent French and Spanish Flamenco artists. The company has already to its credit several creations having obtained several successes from the audience and the press through all France and abroad.

He is also requested as a choreographer of Flamenco dance in France as abroad (Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Tunisia, Mexico, the USA, Canada).

Dancer endowed with an excellent rhythmic sense, his dance is a mix of strength and sweetness. He has developed throught the years a very personal style, and his qualities are to know how to measure the strength and the technique with the subtlety of the movements and the curvature of the “recoge”.