Sombras Caidas


Manolo Punto delivers in this show through the flamenco dance his vision of life both intense, deep, delicate, bestial, joyful and melancholic. A display of feelings to return to the very essence of emotion, raw and without artifice.

As in the last phase of a fight, the masks fall and the shadow areas of each one disappear to give way to the feeling racy, true and authentic … Sombras Caidas.


Manolo Punto – dance
Sabrina Romero – singing, dance, percussions
Alberto Garcia – singing
Melchior Campos – singing
Cristobal Corbel – guitar


Manolo Punto – artistic director, choreographer
Cristobal Corbel – music
Ruddy Fritsch – lights
Stephen Bedrossian, Catherine Larivière, Emmanuelle Corne – photographies
Production – Eme Flamenco – 2019
Duration: 1h30

This show received the help of la SPEDIDAM during its creation period. Its first dates during its premiere were are sold out in Paris in february and april 2019.