Standard Software License Agreement

Between EULA and the Softwaredevelopment Agreement, there is the software license agreement, a software license more complicated than that available from a commercial distributor, but not a unique software specially designed for the licensee. For example, enterprise software, point-of-sale systems and internal human resources systems would generally be allowed under a software license agreement and not as part of a CLUE, as long as they were not clearly developed as part of a software development agreement. The differences between a CLA and a software license are subtle, but a software license generally has more robust maintenance and support rules, ensuring that the licensee trains licensee personnel to use the software and provides maintenance and other support throughout the life of the software. “software” refers to Atlassian`s downloadable software (currently referred to as “servers” or “data center” marketed), including mobile applications of these products. Your order indicates the software you can use. 13.4. Effects of dismissal. After the end or end of the agreement, your license expires for the software (even if the validity of the license is “unlimited” or if your order does not indicate an expiration date) and you must stop using and deleting all confidential software and information or other Atlassian hardware in your possession (or return them at our request). You will confirm this deletion at our request.

If you terminate this contract pursuant to Section 13.2 (Case Termination), Atlassian will reimburse you for all software fees paid in advance to cover the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. If this contract is terminated by Atlassian pursuant to Section 13.2 (Failure of Cause), you pay all unpaid fees covering the remainder of the current licence`s validity period after the effective date of the termination. Under no circumstances will a termination exempt you from the obligation to pay the taxes payable to Atlassian for the period prior to the effective date of the termination.