Tlm For Subject Verb Agreement

In Ghana, the English language fulfills many roles. For example, it is the medium of education in schools, the official language of government administration and the main language of the Internet. In addition, it is also the language of the entire curriculum, i.e. the language used to teach all subjects except Ghanaian languages. In this regard, educational success in Ghana depends largely on knowledge of English. Without a credit passport in English, you cannot move on to the next level. Previous studies of English [1] [2] [17] appear to lead to a decline in English standards among students, and many researchers attribute this perceived problem to many factors, including the methodology used by teachers, students` own attitudes, and environmental factors. [2] confirms that the English language seems indispensable to Ghanaians and English teachers, and listeners have persisted in expressing concerns about the decline in English standards. Discuss whether students think subjects should be accepted in a singular or plural.

Maybe you want to check the answers at the end of the lesson to test students` progress. Read the reference material “Different Types of Topics” and choose the sentences with the right subject-verb match. In some cases, both options may be correct. Write a brief description of each photo, with one or two sentences that give your opinion on it. Use words to create sentences with the right subject-verb match. a discussion and explanation: The students participated in many activities. My goal at this point was to help them use the subject-verb agreement properly. Sentences were given for students to search for verbs and topics that match. The objective of this activity is to correctly use verbs with different types of subjects. There is clear evidence that grammar cannot be excluded in our schools, hence the need to teach it well so that students can understand all grammatical abilities. Although the role of teachers in teaching grammar is very important, some basic teachers take teaching grammar for granted. Many consider the teaching of grammar as the simplest subject to teach and teach it with the mind that students will easily understand.

There should also be good practices in grammar teaching to help students understand and effectively apply the rules in their daily communication. As a tutor of the English language of a pedagogical school, I had the opportunity to supervise the teaching of teachers and teachers in their various classrooms and I saw that most grammar structures were not treated with the required expertise. Teachers should be able to develop appropriate and effective strategies for teaching grammar in language classes. However, it seems that many teachers are not trained to study methods other than the traditional method of memorizing grammar. The researcher believes that it is appropriate for educators to consider appropriate methods for teaching grammar, as the strategies used by teachers to teach their students really matter. [17] confirms this idea: the researcher has established a detailed teaching program based on subject-verb conformity (Appendix I) to teach this class. Their goal for teaching in this class was for students to effectively use the target structure in their essays. This is the goal of any language teacher. [3] confirms that the teaching of the curriculum and textbook is intended to get students to use the grammatical structure accurately and fluently to express themselves.

To achieve the aforementioned goal, the researcher guided the students through 3 phases….