Wedding Planner Contract Agreement Sample

We have collaborated with your Legal BFF and contract shop on wedding planning contracts, including service contracts, independent contractors, photo shoot agreements and more. These are our two main recommendations for buying a professional wedding model that protects you, your business and your customers. In less than 10 minutes, your contract, prepared by lawyers and verified by experts, can be in the hands of your clients. Good morning, Deb. It`s an impressive website. I`m starting my new wedding planning business, Happily Marrying. To be honest, I haven`t planned weddings yet, but I`m very interested in doing it. However, I am not a stranger in organizing big events and I am convinced that I can do a professional job. I read in other areas especially women are wedding planners, but don`t see why men can`t, so I thought I would. My wife and I have been married for 31 years and we would like to help people get a fresh start in life. I`ve done a lot of research in wedding planning, but I`m studying the Certificate of Arts and Entertainment Management.

I want to know how I can start getting customers? I have a page on Facebook and I have a website but I don`t have an answer yet. I thought, should I be honest and say I haven`t done any weddings, but I assure you I`m going to do a fantastic job, or just tell them when they ask? I also have trouble getting traffic to my site because it doesn`t come if I search Google, only if I type the entire address into the browser. I`ve done all the checks in Google webmasters tools, but nothing has happened yet? Could you give me some advice? Thank you 🙂 Ken Cheers So, for example, instead of just listing “centerpieces for the wedding reception,” say “five centerpieces of red and white roses in square vases.” Include everything you have under contract, in easy-to-understand terms. This rehearsal really helped me. I was a little frustrated because I didn`t know how to formulate my contract.